Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Message to Shareholders and Investors

[Photo]Taizo Kubo

Aiming to boost corporate value further while fulfilling our social mission

In April 2016, the Alfresa Group commenced its "16-18 Mid-term Management Plan Break Through to Tomorrow" in light of rapid changes in the business environment following reform of the medical-care system, such as community healthcare promotion. To transform ourselves and remain one step ahead of these environmental changes, we formulated the Group management policies "Challenge 3" that we are promoting Group-wide, namely "Strengthen the business foundation with One Alfresa initiatives," "Expand the health and medical-related fields," and "Reform the business model ahead of changes in the business environment." We will seek to fulfill our mission as a company with responsibility for social infrastructure by further reinforcing our stable and efficient pharmaceutical distribution system—one of our competitive advantages—and by realizing a Healthcare Consortium that can provide products and services in every health-related field.

In the years to come, we will continue to boost corporate value and meet the expectations of shareholders, investors and other stakeholders based on our philosophy "We create and deliver a fresh life for all."

Taizo Kubo
Representative Director & President