ESG Data / ESG Website Editorial Policy

ESG Data / ESG Website Editorial Policy

ESG Data

ESG data is available here.

Sustainability Website Editorial Policy

The Alfresa Group provides information at this Sustainability website for the purpose of presenting its approach and initiatives to realizing a sustainable society under Our Philosophy "We create and deliver a fresh life for all."
The information disclosed references the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (2016) in order to identify the diverse social issues that are recognized globally and to create a tool for communication with stakeholders. We have presented the universal concepts and ongoing initiatives at this website and compiled the figures which are the results of our initiatives into Sustainability Data.
The Alfresa Group also publishes the Integrated Report. Please refer to the Integrated Report for more details on our business strategy, financial results, and so on.

• The information provided at this website is published after the Chair of the CSR Promotion Committee (Representative Director & Executive Vice President of Alfresa Holdings Corporation) has confirmed that material information is provided and given approval.

Sustainability Website: Provides non-financial information

On the sustainability website, the Alfresa Group provides comprehensive information in order to fulfill our responsibility to be accountable to all stakeholders.


ESG Data (PDF)

IR Website: Provides financial information

Alfresa Holdings Corporation has established a disclosure policy and practices appropriate disclosure of information.

Investor Relations

Integrated Report: Provides integrated disclosure of financial and non-financial information

In the Integrated Report, the Group presents its vision of how it creates corporate value to contribute to a sustainable society and drive business growth into the future.

Integrated Report

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*Please see news releases for changes in organizational size, structure, form of ownership and so on since the previous report.

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