Medical-Related Business

The Alfresa Group is actively expanding its business fields toward the realization of a Healthcare Consortium. We are meeting a variety of medical needs through our dispensing pharmacy business and other medical-related businesses.

The figure shown is are as of March, 2023.

Strengths and Features of the Medical-Related Business

1Dispensing Pharmacy Business

In the Medical-Related Business, we operate 183 dispensing pharmacies from Hokkaido to Kansai region, mainly in Kanto and Tohoku regions.

Regions operating our dispensing pharmacy business

As as of March, 2023

2Contributing to Community Healthcare

In the pharmacy business, we aim for all its dispensing pharmacies to function like a "family pharmacy" with solid roots in their communities. We are reinforcing functions by focusing our efforts on strengthening home care service capabilities, hiring and utilizing dietitians in a move toward preventative medical care, and acquiring “health support pharmacy” accreditation. We aim to obtain certifications as community cooperation pharmacies and specialized medical institution cooperation pharmacies, while responding to the revised Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act that came into effect in August 2021.

Communication with patients
Dispensing room

3Initiatives in the Healthcare Field

In our pharmacies, we sell OTC pharmaceuticals and health foods handled by the Self-medication products wholesaling business, and private brand products from APOCREAT Corporation. In addition, we offer dietary and nutritional consultations by registered dietitians.

APOCREAT Corporation's private brand
Nutritional consultation by the registered dietitian

Business Policy

Provide family pharmacies that can be used at any stage of care across a person’s life journey, from preventive to terminal care

Home Care Service Initiatives to Achieve Business Growth

  • Create a home-centric care system within communities by establishing home support centers equipped with a pharmacy
  • Put forth efforts related to the Community-Based Integrated Care System, such as acquiring pharmacy accreditation

DX-Driven Business Reforms

  • Promote digital treatment, such as online drug administration guidance

Presymptomatic Illness and Prevention Initiatives

  • Create initiatives related to e-commerce sites and mail-order sales