Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Approach to CSR

Alfresa Group's CSR

The Alfresa Group contributes to good health and an active lifestyle for people through its wholesaling and manufacturing businesses for pharmaceuticals and other products. We believe that our business activities themselves—taking responsibility for the delivery of pharmaceuticals and other products that are needed in hospitals, clinics, dispensing pharmacies, and other healthcare settings; and benefiting medical care by developing pharmaceuticals that are needed by patients—lead to the Group's CSR activities.
Our people are firmly aware of and act based on Our Philosophy, Our Vision, and Our Promises to push our CSR activities forward steadily, and strive to practice two-way communication with our various stakeholders.

CSR Management Framework

The highest organ within our CSR management framework is the CSR Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the director, deputy president of Alfresa Holdings Corporation and composed of members selected from among the executives of group companies.
The CSR Promotion Committee determines important CSR-related policies and other matters for group companies. The committee convenes three times a year on a regular basis to report on and evaluate CSR activities.