Alfresa Holdings Corporation

Flow of Business Activities

Based on "Our Vision" to become a Healthcare Consortium that provides products and services in every health-related field, the Alfresa Group is committed to creating and delivering a fresh life for all people by operating a range of businesses related to medical care and healthcare, focusing on the wholesaling and the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, and medical devices.



  1. We build good relationships with business partners through fair transactions.
  2. We make ethical pharmaceuticals and other products that meet customer needs based on thorough quality management.
  3. We deliver ethical pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, and other products to customers accurately, safely and stably in a timely manner.
  4. We strive to ensure that our ethical pharmaceuticals and other products are used with confidence by providing sufficient explanations to medical institution personnel.
  5. We provide a stable supply of products to dispensing pharmacies and others.
  6. We communicate with local communities and contribute to the safety of local residents.

Ethical Pharmaceuticals Wholesaling Business

Focusing on ethical pharmaceuticals, we supply a range of products including diagnostic reagents and medical devices and equipment to hospitals, clinics, dispensing pharmacies and other institutions. We also offer support to our customers through the timely provision of high-quality information.

Self-Medication Products Wholesaling Business

Focusing on over-the-counter drugs, we sell health foods, supplements, cosmetics, and other products to drugstores and pharmacies. We provide high-value-added services in order to meet diversifying customer needs.

Manufacturing Business

We manufacture and market products in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents and medical devices, based on a comprehensive perspective that encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Via research and development, manufacturing, marketing and the import and export of unique and appealing products, we contribute to the health of people worldwide.

Medical-Related Business

The Alfresa Group is actively making an investment in the medical-related business fields to "realize the Healthcare Consortium" under the medium-term management plan. We meet various medical needs through our medical-related business, which includes the dispensing pharmacy business.